uchiha obito

Well im still in dismay over the fact that tobi is obito!!!!! But that argument is invalid as well know that he is but what then could have driven him to the edge, fucked up his mind so bad that he did all the things he did!?!?! Surely, however wildly in love he could ever be, i don't think that the death of a supposed 'spy' Rin would have driven him to hell and turned his once soft, warm and loving heart into a thorn ridden, hate filled, dark, cold, revenge and blood thirsty heartless freak he became!!!!
Well you could side with the lover boy a little bit, he watched as kakshi perfectly executed his duties in killing off that Rin *well she is the cause of all this so let me rage out on her*

But obito would have first taken kakashi's side of the story before he went all emotional on the world!!!! So i say,...FUCK ONE SIDED LOVE! That bastard obito he should even be proud of kakashi for gifting him with the sweet power of MANGEKIYO SHARINGAN coz he loved it! Killing off more than 30+ enemies of hidden mist sliding through them like a boss, he was in his zone!

I mean, that S.O.B tried to kill not only the kid of his beloved sensei but his wife and minato at large,
 he dint even flinch a muscle,...he was gonna flatten baby naruto like an insect that freaky obito!But wait a minute,...minato was still not able to identify obito's chakra pretty lame for the hokage and a teacher at large huh!!!Then again,note how super fast obito had grown, he was about 6ft5 when he attacked minato,..did madara's mind fuck come with growth boosters!?!

But minato was too gangster for that shit, he actually ate tobi for his last meal! Taught him lessons once again and whooped his ass while he was at it, now that's a true teacher, fuck you madara!

2. He wanted to destroy his village and he actually did it indirectly through PAIN:

3.He is the reason as to why sasuke will never turn back, why sasugay is feeling like a boss right now, so confident he rose that slimy old snake orochimaru from his deep sleep. Damn you obito you gave sasugay EMS, now he rides sky high well not for so long,.....orochimaru will try licking him again we will see about that later!

4. He is responsible for the Fourth ninja war which i can say has been filled with pain, hurting, tears, sacrifice and death.Just because he is deluded with achieving the EYE OF THE MOON, where every one who looks at the moon is placed under genjustu, only after controlling the 10 tails beast,such that they become puppets of who ever has cast the genjutsu.... achieving world peace through war and blood,...kinda reminds me of pain, and well know what happened to him.

That's a few of what he has done,...but if we look at the uchiha madara side of it, you find a kid who is dying, kidnap him and treat him with the thought in mind that he would be greatly indebted to you, so big would the debt be that he would have to sell his own humanity, soul, body and feelings to the devil in order to repay you!

Now that's genius play, Bravo mada-fucking-ra you just continued the record of naruto shippuden's undisputed good boys gone bad history. I mean seriously, you feed a close to 15year old kid bull-tomtit-crappy history lessons of how too  weak and war friendly you were that your ass got tossed over by the strongest shinobi in the world!  What!?!?! You were too hurt that your ass got beat with no one to console you around...so you thought, what the hell let this kid have it, next time when naruto has kicked your ass and you probably survive carry your own shame and defeat alone you child hood destroyer! But kishi, how will you prove to us the way uchiha madara made tobi feel sorry for him to the extent of trying to kill his own sensei!?!?!

Love to hear what you think!