Naruto vs Madara

This i can dub as the battle of the heavy weights though one is more heavier that the other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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With the kind of destructive and brute power these two have, i think the world would be shaken to the pillars if they are to fight,..but it is inevitable any way.It would be Naruto's strongest kurama aided form  Vs madara's perfect susanoo which can only be countered by the power of a bijuu *kurama*, not forgetting the fact that madara has something close to a terabyte worth of information considering his age,...naruto would be up for a death match against this guy!!!!

But hey look at Naruto in this bijuu mode he is super strong and fast, kakashi mistakenly called him minato!!!!
The Yellow Flash is possibly the quickest speed which was developed in Naruto series faster than raikage's speed!! We also see killer bee saying that all he saw was a yellow flash when naruto attacked kisame. Naruto may be quick, but does he have the fire power? Hell Yeah! Featuring Kurama, Naruto is able to send a large Bijuu Dama.,strong enough to repell 5 incoming beast bombs from 5 different bijuu!!!! In his bijju form,his hair grows out to form large horn like structures, purely identical to those that the Sage Of Six Paths had!
 But that cant save him, he needs to be mentally up for this, knowing that he is about to fight a god and madara is a 


Madara Uchiha was the leader of the Uchiha clan before and after the formation of Konohagakure.The first man *along wid his  bro* to awaken mangekyo sharingan and EMS which is the ultimate Uchiha power. MADARA one who was a master of illusion, he was considered the most gifted member of the Uchiha clan. Even by his clan's standards, Madara's chakra was especially a level higher and stronger.A man who fought one of the top 5 Ninja in his prime HASHIRAMA SENJU, and managed to escape not only with his life but also a part of his DNA.A man known to have been the first uchiha among the only 2 who can controll the strongest summoning,...the nine tailed fox...And to ice up the cake awakened and can use the RINNEGAN,...a power LEAGUES and CENTURIES beyond the reach of anything tha naruto has ever possed,a man who defeated the 5 kage like taking a stroll in the park.The guy is virtually a beast!!!!!! well what will this battle offer only KISHIMOTO can tell

                                                 well, who will win!?!?!?!

Love to hear what you think!