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AMV - Transcendence, The New Age

So I've started making AMVs (Anime Music Videos). Hope you enjoy this bad boy!!

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April Cant Come Any Sooner

Many of us have been re-watching some serious edged scenes that left scars on our hearts from the previous famous releases like undoubtedly; Shingeki no Kyojin, Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works, Akame ga Kill or the previously concluded Seven Deadly Sins and yes, we all by now have a hunger for new anime to save us from this misery!!!

I for one have by now run out of "Lives" as to how many times I can watch and re watch these bad-ass shows, the hunger is so real and in critical levels, that I can pinpoint accurately recall the episodes with fancy moves, the lines used and the bad-ass moves made frame by frame by frame!!!

Listed here, not in any kind of chronology is what and when to look out for in April, dear fellow Otakus.... the hunger is about to be binge conquered.

Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works > April 5th

Sidonia No Kishi > April 11th

Owari no Seraph > April 4th

Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo > April 12th

Shokugeki no Souma > April 4th

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Zoku

April 3rd

Gintama > April 8th

Triage X > April 9th

High School DxD BorN > April 4th

Denpa Kyoushi > April 4th

Gunslinger Stratos > April 4th

Kekkai Sensen > April 5th

Ore Monogatari > April 9th

Arslan Senki > April 5th

Baby Steps 2 > April 5th

Diamond no Ace: Second Season > April 6th

Grisaia no Meikyuu > April 12th

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So i was all so idle and it hit me, why not drop one of my fictional stories, enjoy.

The year is 2050, scientific advancement is at it's highest,..this is the edge inventions.
There is nothing like schools, to teach people about history,....high tech software is everywhere, learn from virtual devices,..what took 4 years in the previous years takes a couple of seconds to learn and to do!.

Floating cars, powered by solar electricity, are so less polluting in the world,..but this is because only green friendly industries are stationed on the earth,...high gas emitting industries are established in space stations.

This was due to the high rates of pollution that almost wiped out the world,...there was a certain mutation which lead to production of a certain factor in the human genome. This factor in the early stages,..lead to improvement in the human general lay out and capabilities,...the minimum IQ of those born with this factor was 400!!!!!!

The efficiency of the human race was at it's highest, economic growth rates boomed and general improvement in the whole standards of living of those countries which had these people that got to be known as factors was at record rates of 97% per year and doubling every year that passes!!!!!!!!!

Of course due to these alpha-superiority over humans, factors where put on strict surveillance,. and where limited at where and what they could do.They were ostracized from the world as freaks, dejected and where slaves due to the power which they received unwillingly.

This lead to a turn of events,..politics of course had to come into play, the ruling world organisation at that time, the UN, framed a factor, who represented all factors who fought for their rights, in the world, for the murder of the a very influential figure in the government. They issued an arrest warrant of all factors,..and all those who resisted or supported factors in any way where put to death

However the factors handed in themselves,.....with no resistance,..but this was only the beginning of disaster for the world!!!!!

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I Hate Bleach

Wow, how long since I last blogged!!? Well here is something that we'll all like, yes, it's about the inglorious and infamous bleach. It's 2015 and we all need something to hate, something that is so shit it cant help it's self but receive all the stick it gets and yes still reigning in number one position for two years counting *drum rolls* B L E A C H !!

We might all have immeasurable indifference, but when it comes to bleach we all gather around like a communion of saints partaking together in the sanctified act of hating what MUST be hated.
The greatest time waster of 2014 dint take long to re-spark its boring flame in 2015 as we all have seen but this time around, with a little more swagger as it's gone the extra mile this time around by creating the ultimate nonsensical overpowered villain thus far, and sending a parade of clowns to hopefully put it down.

A guy who sees all, probably he even took a glimpse into his shitting hours and made a time table for it, surely must we not be spared the cliche mighty Ichigo coming to the rescue turn off? Bleach has gone so under, it's currently used a gauge for shit with people already creating the "bleach points" system to measure how shitty works out there are.

I can go on and on but that's not the agenda here. Since it's already turning out to be a fan fiction that's gone terribly and disgustingly wrong, I too have the right to speculate my own happening. Since our MC has infinite power ups to his name we have a lot of work on our hands. Yeah most of them will sound like shit but it's okay, since it's a spin off of actual shit.

Act 1.0. The Arrancar
Imagine the case where after the basket ball sized hole was blown through mighty Ichigo he'd have just died,.... and just stayed dead? Wouldn't we have been saved from the nightmare that was soon to come?!?

No that's not it, rather, close your eyes now, shut out reality yes and now imagine that mighty Ichigo awoke as arrancar 00 an insane emotionless killing  machine that only obeys Aizen and he goes on to win the war for the arrancar? Sounds like BS huh, but it's better than the original script though. We all like seeing MC's in the dark side even just for a bit. Look at the revelation that left us all creaming our pants, Allen Walker turned out to be a Noah, for me that was the most ecstatic moment in D-Gray man.
Rather than milkig his deprived brain for inspiration, Kubo-trollo-tite would have just taken that simple turn and saved us as well as him self the current horror.

Act 2.0. The Quincy
Lets say that on that rainy lonely night when mighty Ichigo's mother was butchered it was a shinigami's hand and rather not a hollow's nasty disgusting jaw. However, due to the shock as a child mighty Ichigo locked it in his mind that it was only a monster that would have killed his mom, a kids imagination, or that it was some sort of hakudo spell watever to manipulate his memories.

Yes, on meeting Juha, mighty Ichigo is brought up to speed with the fact that he is quincy and that he was oblivious to the fact that a shinigami disposed of his mummy. Revelations occur, mighty Ichigo through Juha  unlocks his full quincy power and goes on a killing spree. That'd be awesome, would have saved us this dragging bore of a 1000 years of excruciating stinky war arc, to think that it's gonna run for ten years is an insult to reality because the way things are going, 5 years will be a major achievement.

Act 3.0. The Delinquent
Forget all the war BS, after mighty Ichigo loses his power, he becomes a delinquent who runs a mafioso called the black reapers, heck I'd pay a million bucks to read this over the current spewed shit.

Act 4.0 The ero-ero
I have more to say but most of it might take the Ecchi/Harem/Hentai/BL road, not pleasing to the eye I'd say but much more better than the current path bleach is walking.

Help me out here guys, how would you have saved bleach?

 **fanboys and fangirls can go hang**

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The God Of High School

I know, I know.... I write about GOH so much but what can i say, it's worth all my time.
Before we dig deep into GoH, lets get a brief introduction on what Manhwa is. Its is sometimes referred to as Webtoons and these are Korean drawn comics. Unlike manga, they are read left to right and it's typical of Korean webtoons to be in colour which is the case for GoH. This has always given them a cutting edge in comparison to the mainstream black and white.

Lets get down to business, GoH is written and drawn by Yong Jae Park inspired by the Monkey King which is a mythical and ancient chinese chracter  that we all love. The manhwa revolves around a carefree and lovable pratagonist Jin Mori who was raised and  trained in Tae Kwon Do by his grandfather since he was a baby.Jin's reputation of being unbeaten earns him an invitation to a tournament where all the strongest High school fighters in Korea are gathered to have a face off with the prize being the fulfilment of any wish.  The tournament is  puppeteered by an organisation responsiblle for bitch slapping an entire island off the face of the earth, yes, they flattened an entire island!

The story is a martial arts action packed comedic adventure set up in a modern era that is in constant interplay with an ancient sage era. There are three realms at play in GoH, arranged according to strength, the Heavenly real which is the home of the nephilim, the Sage realm home to the nine kings and the human realm place of the humans.The story gains flesh using the tournament as the backbone. It's not mind bending their is no inception to it as such, even the slow pokes can pick up on whats going on. The story is not stuck only to the tournament as along the way, the author introduces an outside the tournament plot which on merging with the events transpiring in the tournament,further catalyzes the story as it's an eye opener that sheds light on the actual agenda behind the tournament. The tournament is specifically enthralling as new characters keep on popping onto the puzzle board of what is a highly imaginative story.

Many otaku's, me included cannot stomach a show with scribbled, kindergarten level art work and this believe me, is a major turn-off. However, worry not as that's not the case here. With art that makes "The Monalisa" look like a fat blob of meat, GoH certainly is worth it's hype. It's endowed with mind blowing dazzling art and some of the best fight scenes I've come across which are the embodiment of what the author tries to convey to his readers. It makes you feel like your in a simulation spectating a blood rushing onslaught between fighting geniuses, so good it literally gives you goosebumps. The aurthor pays attention to important scenes, which he details to the dot . I love the way he transitions between serious scenes and comedy by using the chibi version of the characters. I'm having a real hard time here of translating this artistic master piece into emotion but I've driven my point home. Nevertheless he can never be perfect and if we closely look the characters, we can notice how funny their noses look like.

Characters are the fuel of any show be it in or out of otaku world and the more admirable they are the better.Take an example of our childhood love, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, exactly now you know what i mean. GoH has a variety of characters however, the show is anchored on three of them that is the pivotal character Jin Mori who is the icing on the cake, the beautiful Yu Mi-Ra and Han Dae-Wi the loner.
The support roles played by these two become integral to Jin's progression, both in ability and as a character. Other key figures in the plot are the Heavenly Princes,the Nine Kings, Nox Bishops and The Six.
Power progression is balanced and there are no unnecessary random power ups or divinely powerful individuals having everything of something,though a certain sword swinging manga protagonist doesnt seem to agree on this.

Those who haven't yet read it, im asking you to take a leap of faith you wont be dissapointed. Once you start reading GoH, it's a one way flight, it's as contagious as a virus and more addictive than the strongest stuff out there. The heavens smile every time a new chapter is released, the stuff is so good it keeps you at the age of your seat time and again.Since the time i came across it has become a manga killer as it rose the standards of what i read.To me, GoH transcended the levels of  being ranked as it's too awesome but, most manga sites give it a whooping 4.85 rating on a scale of 5. Yong Jae Park has an ingenious workshop up in his brain that is ticking endlessly giving us one of the best fist for fist comic to be ever drawn, only disputed by The Breaker and Veritas and together these three make the perfect martial arts remedy.

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Saying good bye to Naruto

This I know will be the hardest and rather seamlessly impossible thing for most otaku's out there, I have failed to do so. But all good things have to come to an end, you never know, this might be the kick start of our exploration and discovery of new material as far a manga an anime is concerned.

The end couldn't have come any more sooner as we all saw that actually the show was just dragging on around one grand scene, The Fourth Ninja War and any further progression would have sent our beloved Naruto down the bleach_ed road! Nevertheless, i still think it was a little bit rushed, but that's none of my business, however, kishi went out for fan service naruhina and that to me was the best moment in Naruto ever

Naruto has been with us since we learnt the alphabet, an all time classic, and my second best of it's universe therefore, due to my high dedication toward kishimoto sensei wonderful piece, I am going to embark on re-watching this beautiful master piece.

Rest assured Narutards, a spin off is coming in Jan 2015, rumors say it might be about "Bolt" the embodiment of Naruto's idiocy. *what kinda name is that anyway?!*

Good bye naruto

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Best Villains 2013

So me and my friend Micheal made a collabo for this post i hope you enjoy it.

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