Why Bleach Is Dead

Fillers. They could have stopped and taken breaks after an arc ends, but I guess milking this cash cow was worth the years of fillers we’ve had. Unfortunately fillers are a problem that have plagued shonen animes for a long time. I keep wondering whether the TV ratings for these go down at all during fillers, or do Japanese people continue to stupidly watch the show even though it’s comatose inducing? Perhaps they are too influenced by Americans who keep on watching pigeonshit like Lost, Vampire Diaries, American Idol(Deculture101)

********************************************************Weak Ass Captains,....beaten like pansies by Aizen, i was like seriously what the fuck!?!?! even yamaji fell to the feet of this guy. I mean the 1000+ year old captain    commander, well u can say the hyogoku made it like so but surely a man like yamaji who's bankai is multiple times stronger than death, couldn't put up a sensible  fight against  aizen!!!.....kubo you failed me on that one,... and he went on to lose an arm! 
************************************************************killer dollNo airtime for Kon, i don't know about you but for me since this guy came along I've grown an unexplainable attraction towards him, and sincerely speaking every time he comes around you prepare your ribs for some rib cracking laughter without him i'm entirely bored!!! Don't know how it happened but he is in my top 5 bleach character list I WANT KON BACK!!!!!
************************************************************The full bring arc, i cant say much of this coz it sucked like shit!!!!! I'm too saddened by that arc i cant even say much of how it sucked....i must control my self

Aizen Vs Ichigo most hyped and highly expected let down fights in anime history, what cutting mountains was more interesting than cutting flesh!?!?! This was the most annoying fight I've watched and i still regret as to why i watched it in the first place. What did i expect!?! well some mad scuffle, awesomeness not sloppy boring word play!!
Aizen's Battle Data, clockwise. Top: Offense (100), Top Right: Defense (90), Bottom right: Mobility (90), Bottom: Kidō/Reiatsu (100), Bottom Left: Intelligence (100), Top Left: Physical Strength (80). Total: 560/600. But the way he went down!!!! shameful 
Ichigo's random power ups, they are too much you probably cant make a right order of them!!! they annoy me coz they are spammed,.no right flow to them i mean a person cant wake up from the dead with a hole the size of a basket ball curved in them and totally own a brother.Well it should have stopped there coz that was the most exciting,awesome and prime of all the million power up we've seen in bleach!!!! But kubo loves over crowded stuff he had to add more and more until it became just annoying!! That full bring shit was totally uncalled for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well kubo i only whish you could look more into your fans hearts and try to re-awaken the passionate glory bleach had!!!!!!!!!!! sincerely, a fan

Love to hear what you think!