Shingeki no Kyojin

The most anticipated manga out there, well that is after the big shots have taken off their share of the hype. I don't have words that can entirely in any way get close to literally describing the legendary level of this here,.. a masterpiece!!!!

This manga despite the art not being that awesome,the story that it trades upon is cream and worth more than kubo has wrote this year. Yes i know i have a strong bias towards kubo (he trolls alot) but u gotta hand it to Isayama Hajime, the guy has a ticking workshop of ingenious boiling up in his brain. At first chapter i knew i had fallen onto what i would call the next big thing to hit the otaku world.

I mean the plot is so thick i almost dint notice it was only 40+ chapters of manga i had read!!!!!!!!! The way in which he keeps on throwing in variables and twists keeps you dying for more. Leave alone the art and solemnly follow the plot interactions and inter-wined links everything and every character has in Shingeki, then u'll know why i over hype it.The plot has already taken a MAJOR twist in chapter 42, that was so unpredictable.
Ohhh i almost forgot,.it's lined up for official anime release this April, and it's Production IG!!!So if you know what's good for your eyes,....bookmark this manga and keep your fingers crossed waiting for April cos yo gonna get mind blown and massive eyegasms.

I can write about this manga all day long, i don't bluff about this and at that note i strongly despise anyone who criticizes or underrates this creation of the gods.Of course those shallow minded and amateur guys still walk among us, so let's join hands fellow Kyojin's and attack those brainless scums before they multiply!! For my own sake let me end it here.
 Rating..9.4/10 ( i was gonna give it a 10 but then i realised,one piece would get an infinite number so..)


So i was on my manga hunt spree when i came across this one, Tail Star. It's a new one with 12 Chapters so far, but it's worth giving attention.First things first,..the protagonist Sanagi ain't a wimp, but a kid who has got more guts than Tsuna ever will in his life!! The art is spot on, the plot, well it get's better every chapter, and so far it's on the road to greatness.

So Long ago, in the far reaches of space, there existed a world as pure and blue as the  Earth. And on this world, there lived two "Queens" One of darkness and the other of light,with the power to control it. When the world is thrown into chaos by one of those queens, a young boy and a young girl must stand up to challenge her for the sake of protecting all that they hold dear.

Well it looks light if you only stop at reading the plot summary, but after you've read the first chapter, you wont know why but you will want to read more and more of it.



My Top 20 Manga Series

Before we go any further here, allow me to note the fact that i DON'T read One Piece and Beelzebub  manga cos i want to preserve the epicness of those series only at an anime consumption level.
Well this is purely my opinion,..i know many peeps will grumble about this!!

1. Naruto

2. Tower Of God

3. Psyren/History's Strongest Disciple

4. The Breaker $ New Waves

5. Gantz

6. Sun Ken Rock/Feng Shin Ji

7. The God Of High School

8. Claymore

9. Magi

10. Minamoto kun Monogatari

11. Madoka

12. Veritas

13. Btoom

14. One Punch Man

15. Cage Of Eden

16. Soul Cartel

17. Crespuscule

18. Ability

19. Area D

20. Trace

Kingdom Of Zombie

This manga is just one headed for the big shot, with 9 chapters released so far, it surely is one to watch for 2013. It's a horror,action,adventure and supernatural......really thrilling!!
The good stuff it had are among these, though i couldn't thoroughly exhaust all of them.

-From the first look: Idea is pretty generic
-Decent side characters
-The story though not as catchy as expected, it's pretty much intriguing
-Decent-good main character
-Art is excellent enough
-The story starts slow as expected, but Im thinking it will explode after the first 13 chapters.
-Has more potential than expected based on latest chapter
-Has more depth than I would've guessed


Happy Birth Day Obito

Today the ingenious villain Obito celebrates his birthday,....may you live for Naruto to blow the last candle out  of your life.

One Punch Man

The latest addition to the Weekly Shonen Jump line-up is One Punch Man, an INSANE superhero comic series by ONE and Yusuke Murata, the artist of Eyeshield 21. One Punch Man is currently serialized as a webcomic on Shueisha's Young Jump website, and is currently up to two collected print volumes.

The premise of the story is simple: Saitama is a bald-headed young man who has an incredible superpower: he can knock the crap out of any opponent with just ONE PUNCH. No matter how big, fierce, fast, or strong his opponents are, Saitama can end the fight just by landing one extremely potent blow.

The downside to being this powerful and invincible? Well, it can be pretty boring to win all the time. So as adversary after adversary crosses his path, Saitama is practically yawning, as his opponents come barreling toward him, hollering their battle cries and boasts, and inevitably are defeated.

What makes One Punch Man more than just a one-joke comic is how ONE and Murata cheerfully tweak the conventions of superhero comics and shonen battle manga, and mock it mercilessly and hilariously. The other reason why One Punch Man kicks butt is Murata's artwork. Eyeshield 21 fans already know that Murata  a master of drawing action-packed adventure. His characters are so expressive and dynamic; each has a distinct look and personality that is recognizable, even when they're drawn as background characters.

But even I was wowed to see the leaps and bounds Murata has made with this new series. He uses digital effects, perspective, and cinematic composition in a way that will astound you -- especially as the series progresses.

Rating it,.. 9/10. Go read this amazing manga and laugh your lungs out!!

Naruto 619

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kaku - New Anime Annouced 2013

Yes our most treasured  emperor of mind fuck the beloved Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kaku is coming back for a 4th season!!!! I cant announce the thrill that Iam feeling right now,...i mean this is the master of mind fuck!!!! Surely spring just got altot better.The plot will be based off Ryukishi's short story, "Higurashi Out Break"

The God Of High School

Another top notch manhwa this one, iam thinking that manhwas are actually more catchy and addictive than mangas this time around!!! I don't know why,.. but ever since i read my first manhwa, VERITAS i have found my self more times on the manhwa page feed than manga.

Goes to say how much a fan of korean comics iam,.. they have some serious stories, best art *The Breaker*  and are more fist for fist action packed than manga.Take an example of Freezing,'s a manhwa but due to it's epicness was aired as an anime!!!!

The God Of High School is an action packed martial arts,comedy and supernatural comic that can put you at the edge of your seat chapter after chapter after chapter. The thrill it gives you reminds me of bleach in it's gone never to be found again glory days, the ability to give you goosebumps while reading it rubs it in as an awesome one. Only good stuff gives you that feeling #FACT, and it's in full color!!

Written by Park Yong-je the mysterious disappearance of an Island is followed by talk about a tournament where the strongest and most skilled guys are gathered to fight against each other for a reward, ANYTHING you want will be granted. What made me laugh was how the main character was recruited for the tournament!! 
However there is a deeper story to this and a mega twist that leaves all of us who read it wondering how on earth such epicness was written!!

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Psycho Pass

Rating  8.2/10
Genres: Action,Sci-Fi

 Produced by the legendary Production I.G and FUNimation, they never go for dumb shows #FACT!!!!! And the art is drawn by  Akira Amano so to wrap it up,. it's a MUST watch anime.The characters are spotless, the plot is solid and on top of that it has a great op.

The story is layed out in the future time frame and yes of course it's science fictional to a level of amazing!! I mean they use holograms to navigate through clothes to put on, house interior designs, drones name it!  And ohh my God they have the most efficient weapon ever,..the Dominator! I so want to be in such a world!!!!

The world in this era is controlled by the Sibyl System which decides what line your life will take and also measures your Psycho Pass which is the level of sanity or normalness your mind is at and judges you. If your Psycho pass is above normal your either exterminated or taken to therapy wards,..where it can be brought to an acceptable level.

You see by default, for all of us humans its literally wrong to commit a crime for what ever reasons there are, it's encoded in our DNA there for in our minds, it's not right! So the way the Sibyl system works is that it judges you according to your mind set if your mind sees crime committing is wrong,'s also wrong to Sibyl there for your committing a crime hence your it's  target! 

But,..if at all some one decides in his mind that crime committing is natural, then Sibyl will judge him according to what his mind sees hence it's right, even if he does a crime,..his psycho pass wont increase and there for sibyl wont see a wrong in him committing the crime!

The task of apprehending Latent criminals whose Psycho pass is beyond normal is performed by a special team of potential criminals called Enforcers, who are supervised by police officers known as Inspectors; the Inspectors ensure that Enforcers perform their duties within the constraints of the law. Enforcers and Inspectors employ special weapons called "Dominators" that are designed to fire only on those with a higher than normal Crime Coefficient. The story follows Unit One of the Public Safety Bureau's Criminal Investigation Division.

Main Characters 

Shinya Kōgami 

The main male protagonist and one of the Enforcers in Unit One. Formerly an Inspector, his involvement in the Specimen Case somehow caused his Crime Coefficient to rapidly increase to abnormal levels. It was revealed that while investigating the case, Sasayama, the Enforcer that worked under Shinya, was on to the mastermind behind the case until he was killed in the same manner as the victims. Instead of seeking the needed therapy, Shinya became so focused on the case that he was demoted to Enforcer by the Sybil System, restricting his freedom and limiting his movement to inside the Public Safety Bureau. It is possible he may be developing feeling for Akane. 

Akane Tsunemori 

The main female protagonist and the newly assigned Inspector of Unit One. Considered a model citizen due to her ever calm demeanor and for passing the exams with the highest score for employment on several public sectors and private corporations. She decided to join the police due to being the only place where no one obtained a score as high as hers, thus she believes to be able to do something there that no one else can. She is shown to have a high tolerance to alcohol. It is possible she may be developing feelings for Kogami.