Kurogane no Linebarrel

This is another 'seigi no mikata'/ hero of justice  obsessed show,and to round it up a Mecha based backbone .Before you stop reading from this point *coz hundreds of people out there hate mecha, i myself include* but hey if it's gat a story behind it it's worth it.
Our character this time around or like most of the times these days,..is a pretty powerless piece of shit middle schooler who is so ever bullied attached to the past it actually hurts. He is weak and can't do tard shit, plus hot tempered,puffed with pride arrogant, and hates all those who try to give him their power in form of protection.Yes,.that character that you would hate more in one episode a whimp, but coz of that the story is pretty dynamic and outstretched.
On first site of the plot you might actually think that it's a rip off our beloved code geas,but seem the author of this borrowed a few tips from CG.

Kouichi , has always had a dream of being a 'seigi no mikata' and due to random reasons,..Linebarrel crash lands right on top of his ass, and this fantasy turns out to be a reality,..yes he becomes the factor of linebarrel,gets a hot babe,but gets derailed with all his power,...he becomes a jerk. But due to writer-no-jutsu he gets his balls back and suddenly has the responsibility of saving the whole world.Pretty much for a middle schooler huh!?!
Well of cos there are good points and bad points but due to the anti spoiler law, i wont go into detail,.but ill tell you one thing,...the author hurried to cock-block-stop the show, and got a little twist away from the main story.This has killed alot of shows for us,....but give it a try.Tho I'll hand it to you,...brace your selves,major mind fuck unrolls in them last episodes

Rating : 6.4/10

Love to hear what you think!