Anime Vs Manga

Well before i run my mouth dry here,first take your side on this battle, that what ever comes your way, are able to still stand with your choice after the wave of review!!
Manga, is made of panels where artists must fight to avoid unsatisfactory images, as he has limited space about 15 pages a chapter and every image must tell it's part, yet again it must be clean and pleasing to the eye, so hard indeed for the artist. One sloppy picture in there and boom your chapter goes down the waste pipe,..ruined.
Then again,..make the manga too wordy and we are gonna dump it, it's really a limited scope to work with but the artists get on with it well,and they are also tasked with being able to picture feelings and thoughts from manga to the audience as well.
Manga, like we all know  is more frequently released than anime,..which makes it come in handy for those who like fast stuff like me,..why wait for the anime!?! Also alot of awesome manga stories are not put out to the big screen like Psyren, Cage of Eden, blah,blah,blah hence more manga stories than anime!!!
I personally am a more manga freak the anime maniac,..why!? because manga gives you more variety than anime ever will,..mostly the echi part of it lol and it is immune to fillers and spoilers!!!!!! Bravo to that!
However if you don't have patience,..soon you will drop alot of manga stories due to slow pace of progress and the like, so i don't recommend inpatients here. Manga has one problem,..and that is that it's mainly not in color apart from most Korean manhwas, epic like Tower of God.

Anime is highly dependent on manga because from manga frames and stuff comes to you the high quality animation, that is by the way more than 200 frames to be precise.
It is the direct opposite of manga,..highly colored  motion filled and above all you don't have to scroll between pages *i hate it* or get annoying water marks!!! a pure display of superiority.Mostly for action packed anime,..the manga can never always describe to fullness what the anime does!!
But surely,...what are some of the intolerable moments we have with anime, well here are mine.
Ever looked at a scene having a large crowd of people but for some yet to be discovered reason,..only the main characters are in motion compared to the still images surrounding them!?!?! Well that is one thing i hate about anime,..though it's fading out with studios like Production IG pimping up the industry
Oh God the problem of English dubbed anime.It feeds on the very core of my sanity, i cannot with stand even a second of the ear bleeder effect , even just thinking about it gives me the creeps!
Then SPOILERS from the manga, this is unavoidable, most especially for those who are linked to forums or groups relating to anime,..the manga fillers always have to eat away on us,..they are like parasites that once infected with, might get damaged for the rest of your lives, and the worst case scenario is,...manga is released more frequently hence more fillers every week!!!!!!
Then we have the evil of FILLERS when the studio decides to ditch the original story and decide to feed us with crap,..though there is one anime who's fillers i would watch,..ONE PIECE. Oda is a king of this art, his fillers are always in sync with the story and plot,...he never gets it wrong like our dear Kubo-trollo-Tite does.
Undoubtedly,....anime will always reign as the dominant force in this battle, manga can never in a million years ever reach the superiority of anime,.. that's a hard fact we all know, but then again it depends on your opinion mostly!!!
So what is you take!?!

Love to hear what you think!