My Top 20 Manga Series

Before we go any further here, allow me to note the fact that i DON'T read One Piece and Beelzebub  manga cos i want to preserve the epicness of those series only at an anime consumption level.
Well this is purely my opinion,..i know many peeps will grumble about this!!

1. Naruto

2. Tower Of God

3. Psyren/History's Strongest Disciple

4. The Breaker $ New Waves

5. Gantz

6. Sun Ken Rock/Feng Shin Ji

7. The God Of High School

8. Claymore

9. Magi

10. Minamoto kun Monogatari

11. Madoka

12. Veritas

13. Btoom

14. One Punch Man

15. Cage Of Eden

16. Soul Cartel

17. Crespuscule

18. Ability

19. Area D

20. Trace

Love to hear what you think!