Shingeki no Kyojin

The most anticipated manga out there, well that is after the big shots have taken off their share of the hype. I don't have words that can entirely in any way get close to literally describing the legendary level of this here,.. a masterpiece!!!!

This manga despite the art not being that awesome,the story that it trades upon is cream and worth more than kubo has wrote this year. Yes i know i have a strong bias towards kubo (he trolls alot) but u gotta hand it to Isayama Hajime, the guy has a ticking workshop of ingenious boiling up in his brain. At first chapter i knew i had fallen onto what i would call the next big thing to hit the otaku world.

I mean the plot is so thick i almost dint notice it was only 40+ chapters of manga i had read!!!!!!!!! The way in which he keeps on throwing in variables and twists keeps you dying for more. Leave alone the art and solemnly follow the plot interactions and inter-wined links everything and every character has in Shingeki, then u'll know why i over hype it.The plot has already taken a MAJOR twist in chapter 42, that was so unpredictable.
Ohhh i almost forgot,.it's lined up for official anime release this April, and it's Production IG!!!So if you know what's good for your eyes,....bookmark this manga and keep your fingers crossed waiting for April cos yo gonna get mind blown and massive eyegasms.

I can write about this manga all day long, i don't bluff about this and at that note i strongly despise anyone who criticizes or underrates this creation of the gods.Of course those shallow minded and amateur guys still walk among us, so let's join hands fellow Kyojin's and attack those brainless scums before they multiply!! For my own sake let me end it here.
 Rating..9.4/10 ( i was gonna give it a 10 but then i realised,one piece would get an infinite number so..)

Love to hear what you think!