The God Of High School

Another top notch manhwa this one, iam thinking that manhwas are actually more catchy and addictive than mangas this time around!!! I don't know why,.. but ever since i read my first manhwa, VERITAS i have found my self more times on the manhwa page feed than manga.

Goes to say how much a fan of korean comics iam,.. they have some serious stories, best art *The Breaker*  and are more fist for fist action packed than manga.Take an example of Freezing,'s a manhwa but due to it's epicness was aired as an anime!!!!

The God Of High School is an action packed martial arts,comedy and supernatural comic that can put you at the edge of your seat chapter after chapter after chapter. The thrill it gives you reminds me of bleach in it's gone never to be found again glory days, the ability to give you goosebumps while reading it rubs it in as an awesome one. Only good stuff gives you that feeling #FACT, and it's in full color!!

Written by Park Yong-je the mysterious disappearance of an Island is followed by talk about a tournament where the strongest and most skilled guys are gathered to fight against each other for a reward, ANYTHING you want will be granted. What made me laugh was how the main character was recruited for the tournament!! 
However there is a deeper story to this and a mega twist that leaves all of us who read it wondering how on earth such epicness was written!!


Love to hear what you think!