The Legendary Sannin Reinccarnation

Feels good to be back on blog-line, damn i missed this and thank you God am done with college stress,..well atleast  for now.
Well it has been quite crystal clear that these kids are relieving the legend and legacy of their masters, i wanted to just let it out anyway!!
Team 7 Reunite

Looking at each sannin with their respective replica is almost like taking a look at you'r self in the mirror, the amount of sheer similarity is tooo much!!

Naruto>Jiraiya, the air heads, at first talent-less but never giving up and always emerge as the strongest.

Sasuke>Orochimaru, the geniuses who care less about hanging out with others, out cast themselves and set out a path of being lonesome ...the bad guys.

Sakura>Tsunade, the brute strong ladies ever caught up in the fray of all the above and very emotional.

The Legendary Sannin

Love to hear what you think!