Madara vs Hashirama

Last time it took a full day and night to quell this fierce face off between two of the top 3 ninja in the series at the valley of the end. Once again these two elephants are destined to lock horns in what has been the best,..and yet again most anticipated fight in naruto.

What really still perplexes me about the out come of that battle, though it was inevitable, was that Madara was in possession of the kyuubi,..the ultimate chakra tank, once you have that bad boy yo gonna do all the tricks in the book and not be worried about a chakra deficit, i ask my self...was madara holding back, I mean he was even fooled around by a wood clone and got totaled by the real deal!??!? HOW, I mean the ultimate user of the EMS couldn't pull off the old traditional IZANAGI that would have been equally fair to counter hashirama,..i mean if danzou could pull it off, and not to mention his side kick Juubito too....!!!!
The now Juubito using izanagi
Most of the abilities madara has of late in the manga are entirely an add on from possession of the Rinnegan the ultimate ocular power which he awakened at his near death after battling hashirama and this power was amplified by kabuto's work of genetic engineering over his body so they don't count in this argument.

Was Madara just good with words but couldn't pull it off,...killing his one and only friend??? Madara could have won that fight all odds were in his favor,..but damn, to me it looks like he really was holding back. Even if he lost his bijuu,..he had something that was as equally as strong as the bijuu, the full susanoo!!!
Not much detail was given to us in that fight so kishimoto will have alot to give us, started and stopped in a blink of the eye so we really are underhanded on facts here.
Iam not quite sure about this OR did shondaime genuinely and thoroughly whoop madara's ass all the way???

On the other side of the coin,..hashirama was and is a monstrously strong guy,.. he is  the ultimate god of senjutsu, taijutsu and ninjutsu, but iam most fascinated with hashirama that he fought on par with a master of sharingan, even though he isn't a master of genjutsu like his nemesis is but surely to fight on par with EMS he had unbelievable abilities in genjutsu as well lol compared to kakashi Vs itachi!!! 
the prime of senjutsu 
That huge ass buda summoning took on madara's full susanoo and fought at par with it,..these guys are just monstrously strong.
His ability to unseal the bijuu really came in handy because i believe the moment the seal was done,..the odds took a mega twist from madara's favor to hashirama's, that was the battle winning moment. Hashirama had 7 swords that we know nothing about, but they were a summoning and whatever the heck they were,...they also weighed in heavy on his chances of winning the battle. 

If we are to go with current strength as revealed from the author,...hashirama is up  for a rout as madara is really just handing out whoop ass coupons to every opponent he has faced even the so called supreme kage coalition was just a test of finger exercises for this guy, they were utterly and humiliatingly beaten to a pulp in less than 0.0000 seconds!!! Yet again i still believe that kishi is yet to show us hashirama's real worth in the battle department as he has really exhausted madara's apart from his inconspicuous "tramp card"

We are in for a grand fight between these two bad boys since they both are edo's,...they are inevitably bound to fight recklessly the more risks you put into a fight,..the more epic it becomes,but hashirama's attention is currently divided between juubito and madara so he is on a disadvantage here,... or they might fight for an eternity till someone breaks edo tensei again  lol.
We all know that in naruto that if the bad guy isn't fed on mind fuck,..then he undoubtedly will get his ass kicked, i just hope that this time around the status quo is breached,....but can kishi take such a risk and sudden plot twist?

So take your pick and tell me,..who will win this time around?

Love to hear what you think!