Saying good bye to Naruto

This I know will be the hardest and rather seamlessly impossible thing for most otaku's out there, I have failed to do so. But all good things have to come to an end, you never know, this might be the kick start of our exploration and discovery of new material as far a manga an anime is concerned.

The end couldn't have come any more sooner as we all saw that actually the show was just dragging on around one grand scene, The Fourth Ninja War and any further progression would have sent our beloved Naruto down the bleach_ed road! Nevertheless, i still think it was a little bit rushed, but that's none of my business, however, kishi went out for fan service naruhina and that to me was the best moment in Naruto ever

Naruto has been with us since we learnt the alphabet, an all time classic, and my second best of it's universe therefore, due to my high dedication toward kishimoto sensei wonderful piece, I am going to embark on re-watching this beautiful master piece.

Rest assured Narutards, a spin off is coming in Jan 2015, rumors say it might be about "Bolt" the embodiment of Naruto's idiocy. *what kinda name is that anyway?!*

Good bye naruto

Love to hear what you think!