Bleach last arc, Kubo-trollo-Tite

Well, even the amazing Macgyver series came to an end,...i still miss it alot! Now we are about to have more heart brake when Kubo tite after 10 years finally decides to stop milking the money cow and finally bleach the pages of bleach manga!!, Yes, the legendary, first anime show for most people, exciting and awesome once legendary show bleach entered it's last arc some few months ago after a disappointing fullbring arc! was so bad Santa decided not give kubo new lucky drawing pencils!
It's  the 'Ice Palace Arc' that will mark an end to this!
Check out his arcs,

  • Agent of the Shinigami*most popular*
  • Rescue Rukia Arc
  • Arrancar Arc
  • Lost Agent Arc
Well,all i can say about this arc is that it's gonna be a magnum opus!! And kubo knows it to!

MAMA MIA!!!! Kubo is taking a stroll down awesome writers road, where most of the legends
are!!! When he put a force threatening the shinigami we were all like, 'After the god aizen,.....
there can be no more oposition'...yah it really was strange! But kubo made these Quincy a 
force worth fearing,..those S.O.B raided soul society like it was the 4th of July! Killing off alot 
of shinigami like chicken,...Trampling the pride of Kuchiki Byakuya,..and slicing the old man
Yamaji into half,...he really doesn't give a fuck anymore!! And because he has changed his 
style into a more gruesome and gore fun,...he is killing those art pages and chapters!!! He is
raking in money like a freaking bank and rankings have gone too damn high! I hope he had 
the courage to do this earlier, i wonder where bleach would be now! 

We haven't even gone half way yet, but 
kubo has us under-lock! He promised in an interview
  • Renji's bankai has changed a lot,.. we still haven't seen that
  • Kyoraku's history lesson and bankai
  • Hisagi will become a subordinate of muguruma
  • Grimmjow might make an appearance

People were puking unicorns and rainbows when kubo took a stance of ball breaking nerve
raking endurance when he tore down his original style *not killing*, activated bankai and
started from bottom up, old kubo style,.....KILL THEM ALL!!!!!!!!What else would you expect !? 
This is the true work of the kubo who was dubbed a once in a melenium genius who pops
as a true divine gift onto the manga/anime world!!!! I think now he seats on his throne, and he laughs at us as we have become puppets of his writing


i just hope he aint trolling us again,.....Long live KUBO TITE

Love to hear what you think!