This manga, i really don't know where to start off,....but one thing is for sure,'s a master piece in the making..well that's if the mangaka doesn't fuck up of course. It's one of those apocalyptic ones but not mainstream and predictable like the others. It has this addictive thing about it that keeps you going back for more, like you were born to read it or something along those lines!!!!!
Well i present to you,... Area-D
Some meteor or UFO or a mini-alien-planet crushes into the earth *of course japan*, but with it came some alternations to the human genome code of the people who were directly and contact-affected by this phenomena, leading to the birth of a special kind of human beings, having  powers called Altered.

But some of these guys become unruly so they are isolated to a certain island called Island D, where
survival is  almost an under statement of what they are to face on that island. Yah that's quite it about the synopsis, but before you go 'fuck that shit, that's a rip off of X-files,
 Pinocchio   blah blah', read the first chapter you will be as intoxicated as iam, yah you will get 'da feel'
The most captivating aspect about this manga is that the ideas the mangaka has, are like a suspense filled cliff hangers, that must be filled the fuck up!!!! 
He has a good story direction at least not as predictable as all of them, yeah the main character is an idiot, so some fun and anger gushing out toward his character, the support roles seem to have a strong contribution to the story. I can give it a 7/10 rating. And that's because it only started around April this year, so with time this show will definately peak form after some more chapters are added. I know most guys out there have this mentality about new series, 'the chapters are sill few, let me give it time to grow' might get disappointed if you did that to this show coz DAMN it's good and just keeps on getting better!!!!

Genres: Action,Supernatural,Shounen

Love to hear what you think!