Well before you close the post, cos i know most peeps out there think durarara is more of mind fuck
than mind food, im here to disapprove your mentality. First thing's first, yes, when you start watching durarara,worse when yo reading it you will want to quit it there and then cos trust me i too dint know what the fuck was going on,..i mean faceless people,..headless chick, some funny social network chatting box, weird art and it was slow ARGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
People these days hate giving shows and manga quality time to develop, well i don't blame you all the stuff that Japan is feeding us these days, first chapter or episode BAAM!!! yo fed with non stop mouth watering sizzling stuff. I love it we all love it, i mean who the fuck these days waits for 5 episodes of anime  till the show gives you 'da feel' huh!?! check it out,
these shows kicked off with top notch speed
1.Guilty Crown
2.High School Of The Dead
4.Mirai Nicki
6. You expect me to spoon feed you huh!?!

Lol, well that was about it,..chapter after chapter of awesomeness and epic stuff, but most of those shows that start off with a nitro-boost-marathon run don't have definite reasonable endings,....i think you know what i mean here and im not mentioning any names! So most guys say dulalala is a slow peak, some amateurs call it boring! Despicable!!!!. There is something called story body building, a story that is flawless needs time to develop, i'm not siding with the mangaka here, but to all of us who watched enough epic anime or read sweet manga know it,...the best stories are those that give time to first the viewer to decipher what the fuck just happened and for the mangaka not to fuck up KUBO style.
Look here,
1.*Drums Roll* One Piece
3.Full Metal Alchemist
5.Rurouni Kenshi
6.Neon Genesi Envangelion

If we look at that, we can see that the story officially rolled into deep play after some couple of chapters or episodes......So to you all out there who are junior in this world, don't go out there bad mouthing and ruining reputations of legendary shows like Durarara.
The best intoxicating feeling for any one out there reading manga or watching a show is the show picking up hype and form to rise to the top, and you will be like "I was the First person to watch that in all you guys, way before it was famous" BEST FEELING EVER!!!!!

My best part is the moment the OP plays,you all know what i mean, yeah now you have that beat in your head.........DAMN that song was legendary *plays it*  Uragiri no Yuuyake, hehehehehe you know what i mean!!!!!!!  From Celty a  fine headless woman, i would do any day of the week! to Izaya the guy who knows everythin about you,..yes even the kind of hentai you read lol, to the girl who was a parasite of a parasite! One word,....LEGENDARY, one of anime’s all time classic series

All of us who watched Durarara to the end surely, we were peeing, gloating, and felt like flying to the moon and do a back flip to the earth!!! Damn that was one of the best feelings of my life, worth every single minute i spent on it,...
Well what i'm trying to say is,.....give the show a minimum of 15 episodes, and the maximum is up to you, let the show develop enough skin, flesh and bones. The problem most people have is comparing already established shows with young debutant shows,..well durarara by the time people got to judge it, they were basing on big shows. Slow start, flicker-speed end, so the most important thing is time and dedication! I might not have convinced all of you on changing your opinion toward durarara, but that show deserves more credit than most people give it. To all the hard nuts out there, Karma is a bitch and she aint pretty!

Love to hear what you think!