Feng Shen Ji....EPIC SHIT

I am so hyped about this i don't know where to start from.We have seen fair, good, very good, excellent blah blah blah, but this manhwa cannot be underrated by those inferior statements, it is simply epically awesome!!!

I don't usually give that highest ranked rating in my books to any thing that comes my way,...but this Feng Shen Ji is worth every hype it gets. The mere fact that it beats all odds to become colored every page and every chapter is fascinating enough no wonder its for 14$, which it's worth every cent!!!!
The art is da-vinci like and the way the characters are laid out is simply a work of brilliance. The authors of this golden-chrome manhwa are rather unappretiated guys,..even i don't know them *their names are hard to write* but surely,..they made something awesome!!

It's laid out in the great Shang dynasty  this era was dominated by gods. The emperor then decided not to yield to the demands of the gods but rather decides to follow his own ways, to liberate the humans from the gods.This leads to an uproar on both the earth and in the heavens leading to a rather inevitable war.The gods descend to the earth for a slaughter of the humans,...or they think!!The son of the emperor is now left with a huge load on his shoulders,..as his future is turned from lavish to a toiling one!

Okay so the mere fact that they decide to base their time frame in that ancient historical frame is rather a show of creativity, that made me addicted to it's epic story. The story is flawless, and filled with action packed fights, of course incredible characters , and thank God!!! the main character this time is not a wimp!

Love to hear what you think!