I cant say much about the brilliance of kishimoto and the amount of thrills this chapter gave me. The mere fact that he kept on shadowing sasuke in the last chapters of manga only meant that the way we know kishi, something big was bound to happen!

A combination of sasuke and the genius Orochimaru only reeked of something big. With the unending wisdom of orochimaru and sasuke's highly re-known deductive eye was a combo that only we could have dreamed of!Then again i ask my self,..just how many secrets does orochimaru carry!?! Better a friend than a foe that slimy old snake.

I kept my fingers crossed and told many of my pals  that sasuke had the turn table secret in this battle, and surely kishi you predictable amazing awesome fuq dint let me down! Orochimaru performed the ceremony,..of edo tensei sacrificed him self to the death god and unsealed the 4 hokage but using his techniques of rebirth he dint die,...but woe to the world,..he got his precious hands back!

Now that the Pandora box containing all previous FOUR HOKAGE has been open,..only god knows what tobito and uchiha-god-madara are in for!!!
Now the question stands,.....are they here to fight or are they here to chit chat *ohh god i hope they go to the battle ground,..imagine the look on madara's face after sighting Hashirama,....priceless!!!*

Love to hear what you think!