I Hate Bleach

Wow, how long since I last blogged!!? Well here is something that we'll all like, yes, it's about the inglorious and infamous bleach. It's 2015 and we all need something to hate, something that is so shit it cant help it's self but receive all the stick it gets and yes still reigning in number one position for two years counting *drum rolls* B L E A C H !!

We might all have immeasurable indifference, but when it comes to bleach we all gather around like a communion of saints partaking together in the sanctified act of hating what MUST be hated.
The greatest time waster of 2014 dint take long to re-spark its boring flame in 2015 as we all have seen but this time around, with a little more swagger as it's gone the extra mile this time around by creating the ultimate nonsensical overpowered villain thus far, and sending a parade of clowns to hopefully put it down.

A guy who sees all, probably he even took a glimpse into his shitting hours and made a time table for it, surely must we not be spared the cliche mighty Ichigo coming to the rescue turn off? Bleach has gone so under, it's currently used a gauge for shit with people already creating the "bleach points" system to measure how shitty works out there are.

I can go on and on but that's not the agenda here. Since it's already turning out to be a fan fiction that's gone terribly and disgustingly wrong, I too have the right to speculate my own happening. Since our MC has infinite power ups to his name we have a lot of work on our hands. Yeah most of them will sound like shit but it's okay, since it's a spin off of actual shit.

Act 1.0. The Arrancar
Imagine the case where after the basket ball sized hole was blown through mighty Ichigo he'd have just died,.... and just stayed dead? Wouldn't we have been saved from the nightmare that was soon to come?!?

No that's not it, rather, close your eyes now, shut out reality yes and now imagine that mighty Ichigo awoke as arrancar 00 an insane emotionless killing  machine that only obeys Aizen and he goes on to win the war for the arrancar? Sounds like BS huh, but it's better than the original script though. We all like seeing MC's in the dark side even just for a bit. Look at the revelation that left us all creaming our pants, Allen Walker turned out to be a Noah, for me that was the most ecstatic moment in D-Gray man.
Rather than milkig his deprived brain for inspiration, Kubo-trollo-tite would have just taken that simple turn and saved us as well as him self the current horror.

Act 2.0. The Quincy
Lets say that on that rainy lonely night when mighty Ichigo's mother was butchered it was a shinigami's hand and rather not a hollow's nasty disgusting jaw. However, due to the shock as a child mighty Ichigo locked it in his mind that it was only a monster that would have killed his mom, a kids imagination, or that it was some sort of hakudo spell watever to manipulate his memories.

Yes, on meeting Juha, mighty Ichigo is brought up to speed with the fact that he is quincy and that he was oblivious to the fact that a shinigami disposed of his mummy. Revelations occur, mighty Ichigo through Juha  unlocks his full quincy power and goes on a killing spree. That'd be awesome, would have saved us this dragging bore of a 1000 years of excruciating stinky war arc, to think that it's gonna run for ten years is an insult to reality because the way things are going, 5 years will be a major achievement.

Act 3.0. The Delinquent
Forget all the war BS, after mighty Ichigo loses his power, he becomes a delinquent who runs a mafioso called the black reapers, heck I'd pay a million bucks to read this over the current spewed shit.

Act 4.0 The ero-ero
I have more to say but most of it might take the Ecchi/Harem/Hentai/BL road, not pleasing to the eye I'd say but much more better than the current path bleach is walking.

Help me out here guys, how would you have saved bleach?

 **fanboys and fangirls can go hang**

Love to hear what you think!