So i was all so idle and it hit me, why not drop one of my fictional stories, enjoy.

The year is 2050, scientific advancement is at it's highest,..this is the edge inventions.
There is nothing like schools, to teach people about history,....high tech software is everywhere,..kids learn from virtual devices,..what took 4 years in the previous years takes a couple of seconds to learn and to do!.

Floating cars, powered by solar electricity,...industries are so less polluting in the world,..but this is because only green friendly industries are stationed on the earth,...high gas emitting industries are established in space stations.

This was due to the high rates of pollution that almost wiped out the world,...there was a certain mutation which lead to production of a certain factor in the human genome. This factor in the early stages,..lead to improvement in the human general lay out and capabilities,...the minimum IQ of those born with this factor was 400!!!!!!

The efficiency of the human race was at it's highest, economic growth rates boomed and general improvement in the whole standards of living of those countries which had these people that got to be known as factors was at record rates of 97% per year and doubling every year that passes!!!!!!!!!

Of course due to these alpha-superiority over humans, factors where put on strict surveillance,. and where limited at where and what they could do.They were ostracized from the world as freaks, dejected and where slaves due to the power which they received unwillingly.

This lead to a turn of events,..politics of course had to come into play, the ruling world organisation at that time, the UN, framed a factor,..one who represented all factors who fought for their rights, in the world, for the murder of the a very influential figure in the government. They issued an arrest warrant of all factors,..and all those who resisted or supported factors in any way where put to death

However the factors handed in themselves,.....with no resistance,..but this was only the beginning of disaster for the world!!!!!

Love to hear what you think!